Everything you need to know about the blue Cane Corso dog breed

The blue Cane Corso is a robust breed of dog straight out of the mountainous regions of Italy. Both elegant and intelligent, he is a faithful and attentive companion. But it is above all its somewhat mysterious appearance and its colossal appearance that have made it famous.

It is indeed a dog widely adopted today in several countries, particularly in America and northern Europe. Known for his aptitude for guarding, he becomes very quickly attached to his adoptive family. Find out here everything you need to know about the blue Cane Corso dog breed.  

personality of the Cane Corso breed

The blue Cane Corso, despite its large size and rather intimidating appearance, is an easy-going animal . He knows how to be calm and caring towards those close to him. He is also a great protector and faithful friend with enviable loyalty. Naturally rational, he shows bravery and serenity in any situation. He is not very reactive but is happy to play basic games and canine sporting activities.

With a balanced personality, he is more intelligent than most of his peers of other races. His senses and flair are very sharp and his analytical capacity is impressive. He is very good at sniffing out and tracking objects. He analyzes each situation very carefully and only intervenes when it seems useful to him. But he does not hesitate to defend those close to him in case of danger. Likewise, he intervenes immediately as soon as he senses a threat coming from afar. He is also a very powerful tracker. 

History of the Cane Corso dog breed

The Cane Corso is above all an Italian dog breed with a historical background worthy of its Roman origins. Indeed, this good old mastiff is the direct descendant of an old line of Roman dogs: the Canis Pugnax. This was greatly exploited at the time when the Roman Empire deployed its full power over the other provinces of the country.

Etymologically, Cane Corso means “guardian of farms” or “protective dog”. As his name suggests, he is a great protector and an excellent guardian. In Roman times, it was adopted by farmers and hunters. Behind this large, silent, and calm body hides a formidable hunting dog.

It was in the 20th century that this breezy spread throughout the world. By the early 1970s, the Cane Corso had virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. An association for the protection of species had to be created for the breed to be saved. Subsequently, it was officially recognized by the republic as indeed being a separate breed of dog. Today, its adoption is one of the most common in the world among many families.

Physical Characteristics of the Blue Cane Corso Dog Breed 

Dogs of the Cane Corso breed are generally of average height with very plump limbs. Its bones are well structured and are covered with fairly thick muscles. Despite his colossal appearance, he demonstrates a certain flexibility through his movements. Which gives it a rather elegant and appreciable air. 


The Cane Corso is a robust dog breed. This implies that its height is relatively high compared to that of the breeds of the species. An established standard states that the average size of Cane Corso dogs is between 56 and 68 cm. For males, the height window at the withers is between 62 and 68 cm. As for females, they measure on average 58 cm for the smallest and 64 cm for the most robust. 


The average weight of the blue Cane Corso dog breed is quite large and varies depending on gender. In females, body mass varies from 40 to 45 kilos. Males, for their part, weigh around 45 to 50 kilos for the most part.


The color of the Cane Corso dog’s coat is quite surprising. Indeed, we find colors in this breed that do not yet exist in any other. The most common coloring of the Cane Corso is fawn. This is why it is called a Cane Corso Bleu. There is, however, another variety that has gray shades on its skin.

This is the Gray Corso Cane, a rare specimen that has many particularitiethatch differentiate it from the Blue Corso. You will also find individuals coated in black, brindle, light, le, ad, or dark colors.


The coat of the blue Cane Corso breed is essentially short. Its mane is quite loose to the touch and tends to stand up along the specimen’s skin. The size of the hair may be larger in certain areas such as the neck or thigh.


The blue Cane Corso has a perfect configuration, with well-positioned limbs and strong bones covered in thick muscles. Its head has a generally elongated shape like that of a square. It has large, triangular-shaped ears that fall on either side of the skull. A particularity is found in the majority of robust dog breeds.

Its muzzle is remarkably large, which justifies the slightly arched shape of its skull. It has normal-sized eyes with more or less dark pupils. Finally, it has a large tail protected by a well-furnished coat that fits into the upper part of the rump. 

Maintenance & Hygiene of the Cane Corso Bleu

The good news for owners, maintaining the Cane Corso Bleu requires very little effort. It sheds only twice a year, which reduces its need for cleaning considerably. A little brush stroke applied from time to time without too much pressure is enough to make your dress shine even more. Also, you will need to regularly inspect your coat after each walk.

Also remember to check the cleanliness of the less visible parts such as the corners of the ears, the bottom of the tail, or the ventral part of the legs. The only constraint that this specimen faces is that it is not naturally predisposed to receiving frequent baths.

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