Seawater aquarium vs freshwater aquarium which to choose

Aquarium keeping is a passion, even an art, which is attracting more and more French people. The aquatic spectacle offered by the aquariums is a real pleasure for the eyes. But in addition to being fascinating, the aquarium also elegantly embellishes the interiors. If you have always wanted to get started in this hobby, it is important to choose the right aquarium. Indeed, having a minimum of information is essential to guarantee the well-being of your future fish. But which aquarium should you choose to start? A seawater or freshwater aquarium?

A seawater aquarium: advantages and disadvantages

Has the underwater ecosystem always fascinated you? The seawater aquarium allows you to invite this brightly colored universe into your living room. Although its creation is complex and demanding, it remains a safe bet for decorating your interiors with fish in various shapes and colors.

So, when choosing your seawater aquarium, two options are available to you: the “Fish Only” aquarium and the reef aquarium. In the first case, only the fish will animate the magnificent aquatic painting. On the other hand, it will be possible to place corals in a reef aquarium for a magical marine spectacle. However, the second option is more sophisticated and complex. Indeed, in addition to being able to breed magnificent sea fish which will brighten up your interiors, you also have the possibility of having marine corals in a seawater aquarium. It is easy to find suitable fish and corals in turn to a professional in the field.

However, a seawater aquarium is not without constraints. To be able to enjoy this magnificent aquatic world, you must prioritize the well-being of the fish. This accessory requires regular and rigorous maintenance, with the installation of specific equipment. A reverse osmosis unit is required for water purification. Specific salt will then be added to this water. The use of a refractometer is essential to control the density of water. But other devices such as the filter or a pump are also essential.

This equipment is often bulky, hence the importance of opting for a larger aquarium. In addition, the volume of water required is greater. Note also that the installation of a saltwater aquarium takes longer and can last up to several months. It is fundamental for the regulation of the ecosystem in the marine environment, but also the water balance.

The characteristics of a freshwater aquarium

The freshwater aquarium is especially popular with beginners in this hobby. It offers the advantage of being easier to install and maintain. If you are considering opting for this type of aquarium, you can choose from the different models:

  • The specific aquarium: assumes having only one species of fish, which can be practical because you will not have to research to check the compatibility of different families. This is the wisest choice if you are a beginner.
  • The community aquarium: it allows you to group several species of fish provided that their needs are similar. It is also necessary to ensure that they are compatible.
  • The geographic aquarium: is a reproduction of the ecosystem of a particular region.
  • The Dutch aquarium: it is intended in particular for the cultivation of plants. The fish only come to adorn it.

You should also know that the water in these different types of aquariums can be hot or cold. The choice will depend on the species of fish chosen. If you want to have an aquarium, but you have neither the patience nor the mastery of its maintenance, choose a freshwater aquarium.

How to choose the right aquarium?

Before getting started in the aquarium trade, it is therefore important to choose your aquarium carefully by defining your precise needs. The environment must ensure the comfort of life for the fish. The size must therefore be adapted to the number of fish to be raised. You must therefore find out about the needs of the species you wish to breed. But the quality and type of water are also criteria to consider.

Accessories also play a crucial role in the proper functioning of the aquarium. For example, a filter is essential to keep the water clean. The pump should also be selected based on the volume of water to be filtered. Heating may also be essential to have a good water temperature. To liven up the aquatic show, there is nothing like designer lighting. Note that fish may also need it. It is essential to turn to professional suppliers to ensure the quality of the various equipment. They will also be able to provide you with fish to raise.

What types of animals for what type of aquarium?

The type of fish to raise will depend on the type of aquarium chosen. For a saltwater aquarium, you can choose from a diversity of colorful, reef and marine fish. All species will be allowed, ranging from surgeonfish, clownfish, rabbitfish, angelfish, and dragonets. However, note that your saltwater aquarium can also accommodate other types of animals. Indeed, you can invite the underwater world by integrating seahorses, snails, sea urchins, sponges, or even bivalve mollusks.

In a freshwater aquarium, you may fall in love with neon blue or goldfish. Molly like peppered corydoras or Fighter is also perfect. However, to give even more life to your aquarium, you can add beautiful shrimps and snails. Just be careful not to overcrowd the aquarium and ensure compatibility of all species.

The best aquarium for an aquarium beginner

As has already been stated, the saltwater aquarium is difficult to install and maintain. It requires specific know-how in the field and constant monitoring. If you do not have enough knowledge in aquarium keeping but want to enjoy this hobby, we recommend a freshwater aquarium. Start with the specific model so you don’t have to complicate the maintenance of your installation. Contrary to what you may think, a small aquarium is far from easy to maintain. Besides, it is not economical either.

If you can afford it, opt for a large aquarium instead, because the larger it is, the easier the maintenance will be. A small aquarium risks altering the quality and balance of the water. Additionally, it should be noted that fish need space to thrive and live comfortably. To avoid illness or death, consider choosing a large aquarium.

You can also consult professionals who can advise you on the choice and the right actions to adopt, particularly if you wish to opt for a seawater aquarium. Do not hesitate to gather information on the web, by consulting specialized blogs on the subject. The shares may be useful to you in taking the plunge into this exciting world.

Sea water or freshwater: which is better for your wallet?

The choice between the freshwater aquarium and the seawater aquarium will therefore be made in particular based on your desires, but also your level of experience in aquarium keeping. However, the budget is also a significant factor that will have a direct impact on your choice. Indeed, the price varies from one model to another.

You should know that the acquisition and maintenance of a seawater aquarium costs much more than that of a freshwater aquarium. Indeed, saltwater requires a lot of equipment. Additionally, the price of saltwater fish can be very high. This means that the death of fish due to lack of maintenance or know-how can represent a huge financial loss for you.

If you want to preserve your wallet, while enjoying the beauty of an aquarium, choose a freshwater model. However, if you are a connoisseur, why not invest in a reproduction of the marine world for your viewing pleasure? By opting for a high-end model, with quality and durable equipment, you will just need to ensure correct and regular maintenance to ensure the durability of your seawater aquarium.

In short, aquarium keeping is an art that requires a certain knowledge of the aquatic world. So having an aquarium is not enough to enjoy the exciting spectacle in your home. You must understand and consider the needs of the animals being raised, and ensure that their environment provides them with health and well-being. Constant monitoring and regular maintenance are therefore essential. If you are new to this hobby, start with a simple freshwater aquarium.

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