5 accessories to buy before adopting a horse

Horse riding is a sport that fascinates more than one person. However, acquiring a horse requires a lot of responsibility, because, in addition to having to invest in the essential equipment for the practice, you also have to take care of the animal. The list of accessories to purchase includes basic equipment as well as the rider’s equipment and various horse maintenance and care products. This is why it is strongly recommended to purchase certain accessories even before adopting the animal. Here are 5 pieces of equipment to provide to properly accommodate the equine.

Selecting the best hay bag for the horse

The hay bag is an essential accessory for feeding the horse easily and efficiently. It serves to avoid food waste while allowing the animal to eat as it wishes. However, it is important to consider several criteria if you are looking for a horse hay bag because different models can be found in equestrian equipment stores. The material with which the hay bag was made is a determining parameter, especially if it is a hanging bag. Its solidity will define its durability over time. It is also essential to check the seams. Poor-quality finishes will force the owner to invest in a new bag.

The capacity of the hay bag is also an essential selection criterion. There are many bag sizes available on the market, but nothing beats medium or large-capacity models. This allows a horse with a large appetite to feed easily, without the owner having to refill the bag multiple times. A large bag is also suitable for long journeys so that food is always available. It is synonymous with saving time and practicality for the rider.

The grid or the hole allowing the horse to take its food is another parameter not to be neglected. The animal must be able to access it easily, but it is also essential that the hole is not too large to avoid waste. It is necessary to ensure that the grid is sufficiently strong to resist the agitation of the equine. The bag closure system may vary from one model to another. While the zipper keeps the bag securely closed, rings and carabiners can be more practical. Finally, price and ease of maintenance can influence your choice. PVC canvas hay bags have the advantage of resisting dirt because they are smooth.

Find halters and lead ropes for the equine

These accessories are essential for tethering the equine and directing it in the best conditions when walking it in hand. Thanks to them, the rider will not need to use the net to retrieve the animal from its box. The halter is inseparable from the education and mastery of the horse. The variations of this accessory meet different needs. Nylon is perfect for maintaining control over your animal when walking in the meadow.

The natural or synthetic sheep halter, for its part, promotes the comfort of the animal. A restless horse will instead need a sturdier halter like leather. The lead complements the halter to gently familiarize yourself with the animal and educate it correctly. Its use is important so that the equine can learn the right attitudes to adopt. Even before adopting a horse, you must provide at least 2 or 3 halters and lead ropes.

How to find the right saddle for riding a horse?

The saddle is one of the most important pieces of equestrian equipment. It must therefore be chosen carefully. It will define the comfort of the animal, but also that of the rider and allows you to adopt the perfect position when riding. Different parameters must therefore be taken into consideration. Everything will depend on the discipline to be practiced. In addition, it is possible to find versatile saddles. Investing in different types of saddles is the best solution to adopt if the budget allows it.

The horse’s back is a determining criterion when choosing the saddle. This material should not be too long and it must remain stable. This is why you must ensure that the pommel and cantle do not rise. The saddle must not tighten the withers either: three fingers must be able to slip between this part of the horse’s body and the saddle without a pad. The animal’s spine and shoulder must also remain free. The saddle must not hinder the movements of the equine. Finally, to make the right choice, you must check that the stirrups and stirrup leathers are perpendicular to the ground.

It is entirely possible to seek advice from a professional when selecting the right horse saddle. The weight and size of the rider must also be taken into account. It is therefore strongly recommended to try it before buying. This equipment must provide a certain comfort and balance to the rider. The price is the last criterion to consider when making such a purchase. It may vary from one model to another. It is also possible to personalize this accessory for those with a high budget.

Accessories to take care of your hooves

It is essential to take good care of a horse’s hooves to preserve them and guarantee the animal’s hygiene. It is therefore necessary to have the appropriate equipment. Hooves are exposed to different attacks and dirt daily. To avoid their accumulation, you must have a hoof pick. It allows you to remove various residues effectively to clear clogs after each walk or work session.

The brush is essential for cleaning hooves before greasing or tarring them. You should avoid opting for metal so as not to damage this part of the animal’s foot. To nourish and moisturize the hooves, regular oiling is also recommended. Foot grease is then an accessory to provide for maintaining the hooves.

Riding a horse with stirrups

To be able to ride a horse, you need stirrups. They must be carefully selected to provide optimal comfort and ensure the safety of the rider. This accessory has the role of stabilizing and cushioning. They also have a direct impact on the performance of the person riding the horse. To practice this sport in the best conditions, you must think:

  • to security,
  • comfort,
  • by weight.

Many models detach easily if dropped. They are preferred for beginners. Other pairs of stirrups open only to allow the foot to pass through. They are stronger and more expensive. In terms of comfort, you have to pay attention to the cushioning of this equipment. Finally, the weight of the stirrup can be different from one discipline to another. While some require heavy stirrups, others require lightness.

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