How to train your horse

The horse is a very popular pet. It is generally adopted for professional purposes, especially for conducting horse racing. However, many enthusiasts have them simply for fun. In any case, to fully enjoy this animal, it is essential to train it properly. Which is not always easy. To achieve this, discover some.

Follow basic safety rules

Whether it is an evil or a mare, you must know how to go about it if you want to train your stallion well. To this end, each interaction you have with him constitutes an ideal opportunity to instill something in him. But for that, you need to follow some important safety rules.

First, avoid walking directly in front of or behind your pet. During your training sessions, instead, stand on his left side and at the angle of his head. Then talk to him and pet his body while you move to stay out of his line of sight. Finally, when wanting to manipulate your hoof, it is better to squat rather than bend over.

Evolve slowly

If you want your horse to correctly assimilate what you teach him, you have to take it step by step. Don’t expect him to master a new technique or command after just one day. To teach your pet new things, you need to do it step by step.

If you have one main training goal, break it down into smaller goals. And it is in these that you will work one at a time. If, for example, you intend to accustom him to archery, it would be best to first teach him to follow a target with his nose.

Be patient

When it comes to learning, patience is essential. To train your horse, you must therefore cultivate it. Indeed, if you react energetically to any misconduct on their part, you risk making things worse. You shouldn’t force him to do anything either. The best thing is to always stay calm. If you appear angry, your companion may quickly become frustrated, or perhaps frightened. So you need to keep a positive attitude and remain calm in the face of his whims. In reality :

  • Never shout at him;
  • Do not speak out loud in front of him;
  • Do not beh
  • ave agrees
  • sively towards him.

Use positive reinforcement techniques

It’s important to encourage your pet’s positive achievements if you want him to learn quickly. To do this, you can use positive reinforcement when he executes your commands perfectly. This involves offering him treats, for example. It is also the most used positive reinforcement technique. This allows him to understand that he is on the right path.

Use negative reinforcement techniques

Otherwise, when your horse does not follow your recommendations, you must use negative reinforcement techniques to get him back on the right path. To do this, simply apply light pressure on it using a soft whisk. Continue applying until it follows your directions. The goal is not to scare him or hurt him. Negative reinforcement methods are instead used to help him understand that he is wrong.

Use a good-quality saddle

During your various training sessions, when wanting to ride your horse, it is essential to use a good quality saddle. Indeed, if the animal is not comfortable, it will undoubtedly have difficulty concentrating. And therefore, he may refuse to carry out your orders. So, you need to make sure that the saddle you use matches the characteristics of his body. Also, it must be of good quality if you want to prevent your companion from getting hurt.

Many people use a padding pad that they place under the saddle when they notice that it is of poor quality. But make no mistake, this doesn’t solve anything. Your horse will always be uncomfortable. So, don’t hesitate to spend the necessary amount to get good quality accessories. The well-being of your animal is at stake. Furthermore, if you have several horses, buy a well-equipped saddle that is suitable for each of them.

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