Become a horse riding pro

Horse riding is one of the most practiced sports in France. As it is available in several disciplines, it allows everyone to find the practice that best suits them. Combining leisure, physical exercise, discovery, surpassing oneself, and harmony with a horse, horse riding is a complete and incredibly fulfilling discipline. Here’s everything you need to know to become a horse riding pro.

The essential equipment for riding a horse

Horse riding requires complete and precise equipment, adapted to the discipline. On the one hand, there are the basic accessories, the essentials for riding a horse, such as

  • the bomb (or riding helmet),
  • the protective vest,
  • boots,
  • riding pants.

They must be of good quality to ensure comfort and safety during training and walks. You must be sure to have approved equipment that meets current standards.

Then, there are the accessories for the horse that can be found at this address, such as the saddle and the saddle pad. These are essential elements to avoid injuring the horse and give it an original and elegant look. The saddle must be perfectly equipped to ensure the comfort of the horse and rider. It is advisable to also choose a girth and stirrup leathers.

The saddle pad must also be chosen carefully. It is a piece of textile equipment that has the role of cushioning the impact of the saddle, absorbing the animal’s perspiration, preventing it from being injured due to friction, and reducing the pressures exerted by the weight of the rider. The bridle, bit, and halter are also essential for both walks and cross-country riding.

Train as much as possible with riding instructors

Like any sporting activity, horse riding requires a lot of training. The supervision of a professional is essential to progress at a good pace, stay motivated, and master the discipline practiced.

To achieve your goal, you must look for an instructor or riding coach with whom you can train regularly. For this, the ideal is to find an instructor nearby. This will avoid long trips (with the time and costs that they involve) and the courses will be able to take place more often to progress at the right pace.

It is also advisable to register as much as possible for the various courses offered by famous instructors. These allow, among other things, to improve one’s techniques, gain new knowledge about horse riding, reenergize oneself, and have better self-confidence.

Choosing a specialization in horse riding

The choice of specialization is an essential step for any rider. To thrive and avoid getting discouraged, you need to think carefully before making a decision. However, most often, the choice is made quite naturally in practice, depending on the club in which the rider trains or even following the courses completed. The instructors provide very good advice and are best placed to guide you in this choice.


Dressage is the basis, a discipline practiced primarily by all apprentice riders. You should always start with dressage before specializing. It allows you to build a bond with your horse and highlight its strengths, learning the right basics to perform in other disciplines.

The show jumping competition

The show jumping competition or CSO is one of the best known equestrian disciplines. Its main objective is to highlight the power and maneuverability of the horse. The rider will show that he knows perfectly how to direct his mount to finish the race despite obstacles and without penalties.


Equestrian endurance is a discipline that requires a great connection between the rider and his horse. Indeed, as races can be held over a distance of between 20 and 160 km, the rider must know perfectly the physical state of his horse.


Aerobatics is a very technical and artistic discipline. It is perfect for people who are in perfect harmony with their horses and who are in perfect physical condition. Indeed, the riders will perform gymnastic figures and acrobatics on the back of a horse.

The cross

Cross country is a discipline during which the rider and his mount must overcome different obstacles. Unlike show jumping, the obstacles are natural (tree trunks, hedges, etc.) and the races take place in the countryside.

Taking care of your horse

Horse riding is not just about training and riding horses. You also need to know how to take care of your horse, firstly by ensuring that it has a good diet.

Daily, grooming (maintenance or grooming of the horse) involves different operations, ranging from cleaning to brushing. You must carry out your operations every day, before and after each workout. Grooming is very important because, beyond the well-being of the horse, it makes it possible to detect possible health problems (infections, etc.). It also helps tone the animal’s muscles.

To carry out these daily treatments, you must have specific equipment. At a minimum, you must have:

  • a cap or a hard brush to rid the skin and hair of dust and dirt,
  • the soft brush to polish the horse’s coat,
  • the horsehair brush to detangle your mane,
  • the hoof pick to clean the horse’s feet,
  • a small soft sponge to clean his head.

Furthermore, you must also set up a box adapted to the size of the horse and ensure its cleanliness. You must clean your box thoroughly, once or twice a day if necessary

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