Guard dog everything you need to know before adopting one

For many people, having a dog meets a security need. It is well known to everyone that dogs can protect their masters and watch over a territory. Certain breeds in particular fulfill this role wonderfully thanks to their physical strength and protective instinct. But, before you want to adopt these guard dogs, you must have all the information.

What are the particularities of guard dogs?

When we talk about guard dogs, these are animals selected to ensure the protection of their masters. For this, they are trained to stand guard over a well-defined territory, recognize malicious people, and warn their master of the presence of intruders. Guard dogs also have the role of deterring intruders and protecting the family in the event of an attack.

It is no surprise that guard dogs are used by individuals as well as security companies and law enforcement. Thus, contrary to popular belief,  the best guard dog is one with a highly developed and reactive protective instinct. He must be able to perceive possible threats and react accordingly. Guard dogs are therefore not the uncontrollable and aggressive animals portrayed very often.

What are the different breeds of guard dogs?

Some breeds of guard dogs are better than others because of their highly developed instincts and courage.

The Doberman

Well-built with a noble appearance, the Doberman is a guard dog renowned for its courage and its protective instinct. It is generally affectionate with children, making it a reliable pet for families. However, if this is your first experience with dogs, it is better not to choose a Doberman, as the latter needs strict training.

The German Shepherd

Described as a gentle, obedient, and intelligent animal, the German Shepherd impresses with its physique. It is a sturdy, slender animal with a jaw powerful enough to deter intruders. It is therefore a dog of first choice to defend your home.

The Malinois Shepherd

With its athletic and powerful body, the Malinois Shepherd is a very dynamic guard dog. Just like the majority of shepherd dogs, he has a particularly developed instinct. But behind this physique and these skills, the Malinois shepherd remains a sensitive and easy-to-train animal.

The American Staffordshire Terrier

This is a well-built and powerful dog with extraordinary energy. It has a powerful jaw that would deter any malicious person. Unfortunately, this dog is considered dangerous in several countries. You must therefore inform yourself carefully before adopting one.

What care is required for a guard dog?

To ensure that your guard dog does not lose its effectiveness in any way, it is essential to provide it with adequate maintenance. Therefore, you must think about his well-being by offering him a diet adapted to his metabolism, but also to his weight and size. Consulting a professional is necessary to establish a diet that will perfectly suit the breed of dog.

Likewise, you should not neglect the veterinary care and hygiene of your pet. Knowing that a guard dog spends most of the time outdoors, the frequency of grooming must be well planned. Take the time to brush him regularly and take the opportunity to examine his skin and remove parasites if possible.

One last thing that you absolutely must not forget is that a guard dog must always be in peak physical condition. To do this, he must exert himself through training sessions, games, but also walks. At the same time, you will be able to strengthen the bonds with your animal.

How to successfully train a guard dog?

Training a guard dog is a multi-step process that requires a lot of patience. But, it is the key for the animal to be able to fully fulfill its role. The intervention of a professional will therefore be essential to obtain personalized training.

The goal of training is to first successfully socialize the guard dog. The latter must be able to recognize unwanted people. He must be accustomed to family members and visitors so as not to perceive them as a threatAfterwardds, you must teach him the basic notions and how to react to danger. The idea is to show him how to report an intrusion, but also how to position himself in front of the intruder. It is important that the guard dog can have the menacing appearance necessary to deter intruders.

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