How to practice Reiki on a cat

Modern animal medicine does not always prove effective against all of a cat’s ailments. He appears more receptive to the energy around him because he is aware of the benefits of the latter on his body. Indeed, many energy treatments help animals recover from their ailments. Among these is Reiki. Like any remedy, it works according to certain principles. However, its effectiveness no longer needs to be proven. Here’s how to practice Reiki on a cat.

The progress of a Reiki session on a cat

Practicing Reiki on a cat can take place in different locations. Failing to bring the practitioner to the feline’s home, it is possible to take him to the office or request remote intervention.

Practicing Reiki in the presence of the cat

The practice of Reiki is generally carried out in the presence of the animal. The technique consists of placing both hands on the animal or a few meters away. The next step will be to imagine that energy emanates from your body and diffuses into that of the feline. To optimize the chances that the process will work, the ideal is to practice it at the cat’s home, in a place that is familiar to it. The goal is to get the animal to relax and feel confident. This method requires perfect mastery of the technique. This justifies the need to call on a Reiki master. Indeed, he is a professional trained in the practice of Reiki.

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki mainly benefits cats whose home is quite far from the Reiki master’s office. This alternative can also be considered for treating felines that are aggressive by nature or due to injury. Many people ask practitioners to provide Reiki treatments remotely. For this type of intervention, the professional needs certain elements and information. It is :

  • The first name of the animal  ;
  • A photo in which the feline is alone and in which we see its eyes;
  • His date of birth

People authorized to practice Reiki remotely are those holding at least level 2 in the field.

Another way to provide Reiki treatment

Certain energy stones are used during Reiki sessions. These include amethyst, zircon, or tiger’s eye. They facilitate the channeling, storage, and diffusion of healing energy. With these minerals, you can give your cat the benefits of Reiki without necessarily mastering it. Occasionally, simply buy a pendant associated with one of these stones and place it in the feline’s basket. Indeed, these jewels represent inexhaustible sources of healing energy. This is diffused throughout the animal’s body and improves its vitality as well as its life expectancy.

The benefits of Reiki on cats

In addition to the physical benefits of Reiki for the cats, the treatments benefit them mentally and emotionally. This treatment helps stimulate the feline’s immune system. Furthermore, this technique helps the animal to regain its mental and emotional balance. Reiki gives very good results on cat constipation.

Although it works alone, it is possible to combine Reiki with other types of treatments such as acupuncture, osteopathy, herbal medicine, or massage therapy. Acupuncture helps treat chronic illnesses in cats. Osteopathy fights against mobility problems. As for herbal medicine, it helps to calm the animal’s digestive disorders. Regarding massage therapy, it is used to overcome stress. It can be replaced by Shiatsu, a practice as common as Reiki, but which is different from it.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method of treatment based on the use of energy. It helps overcome various ailments by establishing a connection between energy and vital force. This triggers a dynamic healing process. Borrowed from Japanese culture, the technique translates as spiritual energy. Its name is inspired by the words “  rei  ” (meaning universal) and “  ki or Qi  ” (translating as energy). 

Initially intended for humans, Reiki has also proven effective on animals, and cats in particular. This method is generally used to treat anxiety disorders and fatigue. Many people testify to its effectiveness.

Sharing the daily life of humans, felines can encounter the same physical or mental problems as humans. Reiki allows him to regain excellent physical and mental health. However, practicing this process requires a certain amount of know-how, which can only be acquired through training.

Reiki is practiced in a standard way. All patients benefit from the same treatment, whatever the ailments they suffer from. Due to its psychological dimension, it is not supposed to overcome any particular evil. It promotes general relief of the entire body.

Shiatsu: an alternative to Reiki

Shiatsu involves applying pressure to the cat’s acupuncture meridians using the fingers and palm  The practitioner can also use the entire forearm as part of a treatment. It is a delicate process, the method of use of which depends on the ailment from which the patient suffers. It aims to stimulate the regeneration of the feline’s immune system by untying its muscular knots. This therapy helps relieve the animal’s pain. 

Like humans, Shiatsu allows cats to relax. The sessions take place at a moderate pace. This aims to promote stimulation of the entire body.

Shiatsu has many similarities with Reiki. The first is linked to their common origin: traditional Japanese medicine. Their mode of action is based on the energies of the body. In addition, both techniques belong to so-called alternative or alternative medicine.

The main difference between Shiatsu and Reiki lies in the therapeutic nature of the first while the other is psychological. The Reiki master heals through the power of his thoughts. Treatment is more likely to work when the patient accepts it. In other words, the patient must have confidence in the care provided by the practitioner.

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