Hilarious Horse Makes Snow Angels With Her Owner Melting Hearts On Internet

At a tranquil farm tucked away in the picturesque countryside of Bradford, New Hampshire, an inspiring tale of friendship is unfolding. West Meadow Farm isn’t just a place for animals to roam free and for crops to grow; it’s also the setting of a remarkable story that is capturing hearts around the globe. Meet Sandy Hodskins, the owner of West Meadow Farm, and West Wind, her 17-year-old Kiger Mustang mare. This isn’t just any woman and her horse; this is a duo defined by an extraordinary connection. This relationship, cultivated through the study of Natural Horsemanship, has created a sense of mutual trust and understanding that transcends ordinary companionship.

Natural Horsemanship isn’t merely a training method for Sandy; it’s a way of life. Originating from Bend, Oregon, West Wind was just a yearling when Sandy brought her into her life. Ever since, Sandy has been deeply involved in understanding the psychological makeup of her equine partner. This method focuses on reading horses’ natural instincts and behavioral cues to build a powerful bond. It isn’t just about riding or training; it’s about understanding, respect, and love. During a recent snowstorm, the story took a magical turn that was captured in a heartwarming video. After shoveling snow, Sandy led West Wind into a new paddock that was an untouched winter wonderland.

She felt a sense of nostalgia and decided to lay down and make a snow angel. Observing her, West Wind, too, felt an irresistible urge to join in. The horse lay down beside her, rolling around to make her own version of a snow angel. This beautiful moment epitomized their unique relationship: Sandy’s intimate understanding of her mare led her to predict— and relish—West Wind’s joyful participation. This magical moment serves as a reminder of the beauty of embracing simplicity and the innocence of our younger years. Amidst the complexities of adult life and the endless responsibilities that come with it, it’s crucial to cherish moments of unadulterated joy. Sandy and West Wind’s snowy adventure is not just about play; it’s a life lesson in finding happiness in the simplest of things.

The video capturing this whimsical experience isn’t just entertaining; it’s soul-nourishing. It’s a testament to the power of Natural Horsemanship and the extraordinary relationships that can be nurtured between humans and animals. As you watch Sandy and West Wind make snow angels together, you’ll likely feel your day brighten instantly. It’s a story of pure joy, connection, and the boundless love that can exist between two beings. So, please, take a moment to watch the video below, share your thoughts, and don’t forget to spread this uplifting story to your friends and family. It might just make their day as beautiful as it made ours.

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